Dr Hanneke Wilson’s piece ‘in the doldrums’, about the decline of the Bordeaux en primeur system concludes:

‘ For now, Oxford’s wine stewards are looking elsewhere and claret is no longer the mainstay of our cellars.

‘Elsewhere’? Outside France perhaps? Italy or Spain? Or ‘mirabile dictu’, the New World?  – the USA, Chile, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa,....etc.

It’s time to throw open your windows and let in fresh air and sunshine to revitalise your palates and your cellars.

It’s time to look beyond the prisms of Bordeaux and Burgundy, there is so much to be enjoyed and shared from so many other terroirs all around the world and some of the wines from those other countries are superlative.

I exhort you to embrace and to implement change, it’s long overdue – you’re missing out big time!

Christopher Smyth
Trinity College, 1960