As life is full of wonderful and serendipitous event – not to be taken too seriously, I had occasion quite recently to open my mail and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a copy of your delightful magazine, Oxford Today.

A client, who works for the World health Organization, had been kind enough to forward the Trinity Term, 2016, Volume 28, 2 to my attention.

She (my client) is a doctor with the WHO and has a little of the pixie in her. Recognizing the title page may bring some amusement, she thought I would ‘get a kick’ out of the cover, ‘The Inside Story of Cecil, How some good might still come front he illegal shooting of Cecil the lion’.

Make no mistake, she, like me, takes what happened very seriously and we were both (wasn’t the entire world save for the NRA and the dentist who killed Cecil) mortified at Cecil’s untimely death.

When it actually happened I was inundated with calls and emails from various friends and acquaintances asking if I had shuffled off this mortal coil. My single retort was, unfortunately, a bastardization of Twain. I assured them that reports of my untimely death were greatly exaggerated.

I enjoyed the article and have, in fact, been moved to make a donation in my honour through your website. As Mr. Kimmel hoped, I trust that some good comes from my, I mean Cecil the lion’s untimely death.