The world population is increasing by 80 million people a year. Whether or not parents teach their children to love nature, the 80 million is unsustainable and an abuse of the environment, by otherwise caring people. It amazes me how little mention the problem gets in the media in New Zealand anyway, where I live. Because nearly everybody likes children they just sweep the matter under the carpet and ignore it. It is far more serious a problem than the occasional terror attack, which gets massive media coverage, even though relatively few people are killed.

Can I ask all Oxford Today readers, regardless of whether or not they have slipped up themselves, to advocate and lobby on a worldwide basis for people to not have children at this time in Earth’s history. People are just being selfish in doing so.

I realize that in being alive, I am part of the problem myself, but at least I am not part of the human race’s frenzy of self-interested plague breeding, which is a disaster and atrocity to nature.