I was surprised to find that Peter Whitfield (Oxford Today 29.1, Michaelmas 2016, page 42) thinks that the first artist to publish views of Oxford was David Loggan, 1675. Has he forgotten John Berebock’s series, illustrating the take-home souvenir book presented to Queen Elizabeth I on her first visit to Oxford as Queen in late summer 1566? Bereblock drew each college, etc. himself. He was well known as a calligrapher and miniaturist. Born c1532, he was an undergraduate of St John’s (Oxford) 1559/60 and Fellow of it by 1562. In June 1566 he moved to Exeter College, have been made its Fellow and Dean that April. See Queens Elizabeth’s Book of Oxford edited by Louise Durning (Bodleian Library, 2006).

Another matter. One of the pleasures of reading the letters in each issue is to note the names, colleges and years of their writers. Of the fourteen letters in Michaelmas 2016’s, four are ‘(online)’ for further details and one is only Michael ‘(online)’. Unless Michael is a peer of the realm, ie Lord Michael (as surname), he should have given his surname. Could you, sir, insist on online writers stating name, college and year each, as before? Then we can place them in their context. It may in part explain their views.