I am sure I will not be the only one to maintain the very moving memorial in the ante-chapel at New College (Oxford Today, Michaelmas 2014, pp. 36–43). The memorial to UK members who died in the 1914–18 war is on the south wall and has a large number of names. But there is a smaller memorial on the east wall which lists several German names. My memory of it is that it read something like: ‘college members who came from a distant land — entered into the inheritance of the place — returned to their homeland … died in the Great War in the service of the Central Powers.’

I always thought that this was a wonderful thing for the college to have done soon after 1919. It is in keeping with Archbishop Robert Runcie’s insistence that in the Thanksgiving Service in the Falklands War, the Argentian dead and their families should be remembered as well as their own people.