I was disappointed to read in Letters (Michaelmas Term 2016) that David Holdsworth was proud of his university ‘when it declined to award the customary honorary degree to Margaret Thatcher’. He went on to say that he hoped the same would apply regarding David Cameron. It made me wonder a) who makes the decision?; b) what are the criteria?; c) on behalf of whom is the decision made? When Mrs Thatcher came to power I was working as a buyer in the building industry. She inherited an economic nightmare from Jim Callaghan’s outgoing Labour government. Inflation was in excess of 20% and militant trades unionists were holding the country to ransom. A strong leader was needed, and The Iron Lady did not disappoint. Yes, she made some mistakes, but for me, she was the greatest prime minister of my lifetime (I am in my 70s). Clearly, Mr Holdsworth would not agree with me, but that is my point. I assume from his letter that Tony Blair was honoured by Oxford with an honorary degree. For me, he was the worst prime minister of my lifetime, who didn’t seem to think that truth was important, and led us into a war on false pretences. Again I ask, who decides and on what basis?