There is a distinct whiff of Oxford yesterday around your Oxford Today report on the Hogacre Common Eco-Park. Why else would you insist in both your Editorial and your cover feature (Trinity 2014, pp. 28–32) that the site was formerly known only to those who ‘played rugby or cricket’ at Corpus? Why ignore so pointedly those of us who happily played our football on those now abandoned pitches? It’s true that our plebeian pleasures were never likely to attract armies of talent scouts from Anfield or Old Trafford, but our sometimes makeshift team played a full part in the University football league of the time.

Your atavistic attitude reminds me of a conversation I had with the College chaplain when I was secretary of Corpus soccer in the 1967/8 season. For some obscure reason, the chaplain was responsible for a college fund to support its sports teams. Having learned that he had bought a full set of shirts for the rugby players, I went to see him to ask the same favour for the footballers. He flatly refused. I forget his exact reasoning but it was along the lines that his support was limited to proper chaps who played the more noble sort of sport.

The chaplain soon became a bishop, leaving me to reflect that unfair and irrational decision making is no barrier to career success, provided you’re on the side of the Establishment.