The article, ‘Re-wilding Oxford’ (Oxford Today, Trinity 2014, pp. 28–32) hit home: here in Hamilton, New Jersey, we have Grounds for Sculpture, an innovative, world-class outdoor museum that makes use of once-abandoned Hamilton Fairgrounds. GFS is an amazing place! Here is an interactive, please-touch museum where the giant sculptures integrate a five-star French restaurant, Rat’s, named after one of the lovable characters from Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows. May I suggest that Oxford, being the innovative, ground-breaking place that it is, give Grounds for Sculpture some serious competition! Bring out your inner Mr Toad and ride the yellow roadster! Consider John Ruskin, Slade Professor of Art, whose Hinksey Road Campaign — involving Oscar Wilde — combined the principles of art, environment/conservation and social justice — I can just imagine him digging up dirt in an abandoned plot of land, to create something similar to GFS…..