In his interesting interview with Georgina Ferry, John Parrington suggest that environmentally induced epigenetic changes might ‘push’ evolution in a certain direction, by creating additional genetic variants on which natural selection can act.

The plain assumption here is that the evolution hypothesis, possibly with Lamarck in a supporting role, is an unassailable datum, quite simply a fact.

There is ample evidence for micro-evolution: variation within the gene pool. But where is the evidence for macro-evolution: the evolution of one kind of living thing into some other kind? There is no evidence whatsoever of any living thing ever evolving into some different kind of living thing capable of breeding but infertile with its parent stick.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics has been tested to destruction. Not so the evolution hypothesis. I wonder if Oxford is allergic to any challenge to the ideological supremacy of evolution.

Tim Williams
The Queen’s College, 1958