May I lodge a protest at David Holdworth’s reference in the correspondence columns of your recent issue to Margaret Thatcher’s supposedly ‘damaged tenure of 10 Downing Street’. The recent tribute paid her in the form of her public obsequies hardly testifies to the aspersion. In my opinion she was the greatest of our peacetime premiers in that she inspired and undertook the Herculean labour of restoring the country’s fortunes following over 30 years of cumulative misgovernment. ‘We are all socialists these days,’ declared Tory PM Sir Alec Home, and either voluntarily or resignedly involuntarily we were, for no one anticipated a return to national fortune until, as the disastrous ‘seventies reached their climax, our spirited fellow Oxonian planted herself firmly in the path of the seemingly unarrestable socialist juggernaut. There ensued a disciplined rebalancing of the collective and individual interests in place of the nationally crippling imbalance that had prevailed for so many years on the side of the former.