Receiving today’s Oxford Today email prompts me to share a concern I have had for some time now, about your arts coverage in general and music in particular. In the not-so-distant past, Oxford Today (particularly the magazine) had much fuller coverage of musical events within the University; reviews of CD’s were a regular feature, and coverage of the musical life of the University, its orchestras, choirs and soloists, was regular and ongoing. Now one searches in vain for any mention of this.

There was certainly a time in the University, roughly from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, when only books were considered intellectual products worthy of attention. But it had seemed that those days were past; my own college, New College, for some years has listed CD’s, videos, films and other media alongside books as meriting notice in the yearly Record sent out to Old Members. The music course itself is much more enlightened than in my day (the late 1960’s) with performance and performance issues being given a much more prominent place than in former times. So it’s disappointing to see that the flagship University magazine seems to be reverting to an earlier mind-set.

Let us hope that the burgeoning musical life of Oxford, and its public manifestations in the shape of CD’s, concerts, and the like, will once again be regularly featured and commented upon in your otherwise splendid publication.