I believe that Dr Beeching (‘Action stations as Oxford gets new rail platforms’) was either incompetent or dishonest. There used to be a railway line from Oxford to Fairford. If a passenger bought a ticket to Fairford at Paddington, the branch line was not credited with anything. All freight cargo was credited to the mainline account. The branch line was made to appear very unprofitable because of dishonest accounting. This was not the only subterfuge used to decimate the railway system. The real reason for Beeching’s vandalism, some argue, was to weaken the railway unions. Interestingly, when Dr Beeching returned to work for ICI, I gather that his post was without any real executive power. Christ Church had given land at Alvescot for the station conditional on the promise to keep it open for railway passengers forever. The Government paid no attention to this promise. British governments have often been thievish and dishonest. Ask the shareholders and employees of the former Lloyds TSB. Think of the fraudulent claims for PPI which help to keep our economy going at the LBG shareholders’ expense.