I was disappointed to read that the student body has once again decided to vote on whether to retain subfusc for examinations. Are such votes now going to recur until subfusc is eventually abolished?

Oxford's traditions are part of the nation's heritage (not just the university's) and their removal should not be placed in the hands of a small, transient cohort of a few thousand people. What right does one small group have to remove a tradition which could be enjoyed my many hundreds of thousands of students for centuries to come?

Would those who voted to abolish subfusc be equally delighted to see the Cheyenne or Sioux abolish their distinctive headress and traditional regalia simply because it is 'anachronistic' and 'uncomfortable'?

If people have a strong dilslike of tradition, they can choose from some 15,000 universities in the world where subfusc is not worn.

Royston Spears
Wolfson, 1990