On the letters page in your current issue, Daphne Hampson bemoans slow public transport (taking 3hr 20 mins by bus) between Oxford and Cambridge. She may not know that for over 120 years till 1967 there was a direct railway line over the 77 miles between the two university cities via Bletchley and Bedford, the fastest trains taking 2 hours. (Indeed, the wartime Bletchley Park establishment was located there for convenience of access from the two centres of learning!) This railway has been much missed ever since, and its reinstatement is a live issue – see www.eastwestrail.org.uk Indeed, the first part of this, to Bicester, is being opened this year (initially with trains to London Marylebone) as reported on your News page. Full support from both universities would doubtless help to expedite completion of the project. Until then, albeit with a couple of changes of train, the journey to Cambridge can be done every half hour via London in about 2½ hrs. So, no need for minibuses and new booking systems!