Daphne Hampson, in your Trinity 2016 edition, bewails the lack of direct line public transport between Oxford and Cambridge. She suggests a minibus service which would be more ecological than the use of cars. However, s restored rail ink would be even more ecological and would offer a more comfortable and possible faster journey. And help is at hand! The old railway line between the two cities was closed on New Year’s day in 1968 in the aftermath of the infamous Beeching Cuts. However, great strides are being made to reopen the line as a through route. Oxford to Bicester has been re-opened and upgraded, and the section from there to Bletchley is being reinstated. Bletchley to Bedford never closed, but the link from Bedford to Cambridge will be more problematic. Even here, though, a decision is to be made shortly as to exactly which route the line will take. For our inter-college football matches with Cambridge in the early 1960’s we inevitably used Percival’s Coaches of Oxford (sadly closed down in 1971). The opposition used to use Crapper’s of Cambridge to come over for the return matches in Oxford.

So, Daphne, take courage. You should soon be able to speed over to Cambridge over a railway line. That should never have closed, and you’ll be able to sleep, read, eat, use your laptop, or even just gaze out of the window as you travel.