Just a quick email message to say how lovely it was to read the interview with Sir Peter Stothard (Oxford Today, Trinity 2015, p. 66).

In my first year (and quite possibly only my first or second term) at Trinity College, Peter Stothard came back to give a talk in college. That talk motivated me to write, review and edit with university publications Isis, The Word and the Oxford Student. I later went onto win third prize in the Young Financial Journalist of the Year Award 1998 and worked in regional newspapers for a number of years before moving into the world of writing short fiction and poetry.

I just wanted to say a belated thanks to him for that inspiration, and more generally to alumni taking the time to come back and encourage new students.

I also found the libraries and digital preservation feature in this issue most fascinating (‘The uncrowned tech monarchs’, p. 29), both the interesting historical details of the Bodleian’s blacksmith conveyor belt and also the overwhelming volume of data currently being created. It reminded me that not all data is knowledge but how difficult it can be in the now to predict exactly what will and won’t be relevant in the future, looking back historically. An ongoing dilemma not just for those involved in the storage but for all of us, all being involved, directly or indirectly, in this data creation.

A very thought-provoking issue, thank you!