Thank you for the most recent issue of Oxford Today. I also receive copies of CAM, the Cambridge equivalent and find the comparison between the two rather interesting.

 I won’t write at length but my impression of Oxford Today can be summed up by one word – ‘smug’. For example, do we really care that Theresa May is Oxford’s 27th prime minister?

The 26th, who adorned the cover of an earlier issue, (MT 2010) has just resigned having lost a referendum that was completely unnecessary, that seems likely to make us all permanently poorer and that may lead to the break up of the United Kingdom and our increasing isolation from the rest of the World. Just read Leszek Borysiewicz’s thoughtful warnings in the current issue of CAM about the implications of Brexit for universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

The 27th Oxford prime minister, a consummate politician, gives no sign that she or any of her three ministers in charge of Brexit negotiations have any idea what lies ahead.

Should a UK university feel proud of alumni like these?

It was also predictable I suppose that you would want to trumpet on the front page the news that Oxford tops one of the many university rankings. Does anyone attach serious value to these?

How does CAM deal with Cambridge achievements? Tucked away on page 9 in the current issue under a heading ‘In Brief’ is the news that four Cambridge alumni have won Nobel prizes.