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Oxford's Annual Review 2016-17
Pushing at the frontiers of knowledge

2016/17 has been a memorable year for the country and for our University. In the ever-changing and deeply uncertain world around us, the University of Oxford continues to attract the most talented students and the most talented academics from across the globe. They convene here, as they have always done, to learn, to push at the frontiers of knowledge and to improve the world in which we find ourselves.

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Research and Innovation
Oxford scientists this year declared the tardigrade the world’s most indestructible species, predicting that the eight-legged micro-animal (also known as the water bear) will survive until the sun dies.
Street mapping
Future Makers
A smart street-mapping initiative using technology developed by the Oxford Robotics Institute could transform how infrastructure services are managed in cities.
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TargetOxbridge + Oxplore
Oxford University continues to work closely with Target Oxbridge in inspiring black African and Caribbean students to apply to Oxford and Cambridge.
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School child
Development and Alumni
Oxford’s Rees Centre for Research in Fostering and Education is renowned for the quality of its research, and for the impact that its findings are having on vulnerable children and young people in care.
Two portraits
Equality and Diversity
More than 20 paintings, drawings and photographs were commissioned in the second phase of the University’s Diversifying Portraiture project, which culminated in an exhibition, The Full Picture, at the Weston Library.
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Eating a scorpion
Gardens, Libraries and Museums
5,000 people attended our Curiosity Carnival events; 4,500 people visited the research stalls on Broad Street and tried out different activities; and over 500 University researchers were involved in discussing, explaining and showcasing their research.
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Download the Annual Review PDF to read more about these topics, Oxford's new appointments and our Honours and Awards.

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