June 2013

by Michael Macdonald-Cooper, St Catherine's 1962


Highlighted letters spell "What a whole Oxford is" (Sir John Coleridge, cited in G W E Russell's Collections and Recollections)

This month’s winner is Peter Grumbrell (Oriel College 1968).

June crossword solution

Crossword June 2013

In each clue one letter (always at an across/down intersection) is omitted in the subsidiary indications. Definitions and word lengths relate to the full answers. Solvers should highlight or shade the 18 letters which spell out a quotation.


1 Blows cash indiscriminately, about a thousand (6)

6 'Sharpened' as given ultimately in dictionary (5)

10 Person suspended, having smuggled fake MBE in (5,5)

12 Administrative trainee, agency worker making effort (7)

13 Starts to anchor barge on River Liffey, away from the mouth (6)

14 Northerner's choice, a pub drink (4)

15 Tense subordinate identifies deep rumbling noise (7)

16 Devastation seen in Hungary by a Vice-Chancellor (5)

17 Crown Office recently put in order (7)

23 Hush observed among groups - groups of musicians (7)

24 Recorder playing coed casually ignored fault (5)

25 Leaders of Hackney youth project once identified a deficiency in vital element (7)

28 English language teaching material (4)

29 Map deserted country (6)

31 Popular party with operating system that's not in the open (7)

32 What ultimately is associated with true love, poetically? (10)

33 Muscles in on small court (5)

34 Tendencies shown by nurse embracing doctor at last (6)


1 Cereal hard to swallow (5)

2 Small container, urn, originally featured in a poem, unusually (7)

3 Boggy ground in Costa Rica, either side of river (4)

4 Over in Sweden Kurt's found work (5)

5 Release steer to roam around field, primarily (3,4)

6 Dubious ethics leading to difficulties (7)

7 Article penned by old French marshal not admitting of reciprocity (3-3)

8 Using Public Library, leaving to go outside (10)

9 Trace river flowing down to outskirts of Camelot (6)

11 Revulsion shown by sailor formerly covering blunder up (10)

18 Conservative leaves Mediterranean island before relying on theoretical deduction (1,6)

19 The slump initially has impact on leisurewear (1-6)

20 Angular figure since accepted by hospital - Enrolled Nurse (7)

21 Animals seen round island becoming braver (6)

22 Northern solicitor conveys decision on appeal (3,3)

26 Saint gripped by a problem (5)

27 Cutting tools from Algeria found in environment that's Kafkaesque at its core (5)

30 Vein of ore in mine that's flooded oddly ignored (4)