Uncrumple with April’s crossword competition to win a copy of Mark Forsyth’s The Elements of Eloquence.

Eleven clues contain one extraneous word each. The first and last letters of these words spell out a novel twist given to an old formula by the two unclued entries. Other thematic entries are a surname, a title, and the names of relevant colleges; their clues must be treated as suggested by another, related title.

The winner of this month’s crossword competition was James Foster (Christ Church, 1960).

Crossword — April 2015


1. Journalist, latterly writing in OT, has established facts (6)

6. College social today? Principal is in there, with hot mulled wine (6)

9. Reworking of arithmetic changed one figure (10)

11. Repeatedly strike wrong note, showing no love for dirge-like piece (6)

12. Independent leftwinger gettting in, returned after recount (6)

13. Finish chapter and relax (5)

15. In Fiji, top man, university expert in pursuit of exotic art (4)

16. Penetrating instrument, more intense if forte rather than piano (7)

18. Returning hence, old man dies (5)

20. Contend with judgement (4)

21. Nothing spared in conclusion of poem depicting sinful desire (4)

22. Tops of mushrooms one spotted behind heap (5)

25. Extremely naive, returning with Aussie sailors inside back of boat (7)

27. Revolutionary communist labourers initially turning over fertile soil (4)

28. Sound at first like diva Maria flouncing around (5)

30. Relieves insomnia ultimately with Latin poems (6)

32. Some graffiti, not hard to get off (6)

33. Lads skate around park beside Irish educational institution (10)

34. Cathedral city one is entering without going for church festival (6)

35. Confirm address of Hertford scout leader absconding (6)


2. Adjusted 34 for correct alignment, perhaps (6)

3. One part of Soviet Russia in unsuccessful rising (4)

4. Powerful female’s accompanied by a serviceman on board flight (6)

5. Top of Scottish mountain, maybe? (5)

6. They perch on end of seat awaiting luxury train (7)

7. Old infantryman’s pike in curious collection of bygones (10)

8. Has robes, but not academic cap (4)

10. Female scientist starting to flounder awfully with very tough paper (10)

14. Cutting things said about time lost (4)

17. Sports ground maybe not viable, being oddly unused (4)

19. Shaky tripod holding base of rare old theodolite (7)

23. Join up new heel over back of shoe first (6)

24. Journalists carp interminably about spoilt royal females (6)

26. Eighties pop duo climbing an Indian tree (5)

29. Informal effect gardener’s created using this simple plant (4)

31. Unfocused, very withdrawn, exhibiting fever (4)

Image © urbanbuzz via Shutterstock.