Crack April’s crossword competition to win How English Became English: A Short History of a Global Language, by Simon Horobin.

Seven across clues and seven down clues have a misprint of one letter in the definition part. Correct letters spell out a four-word clause, which should lead solvers to identify the twenty-six cells to be highlighted.

April 2017 crossword


1. Fir beside a Russian river cut down (4)

5. Special boldness required to avoid a punishment (7)

10. Competent American introducing energy source European promoted (6)

11. Producing linen, perhaps, controlling staff taking leave (5)

13. Labour force posh fool mishandled, encountering rersistance (4,5)

14. Cad’s relative quivers when stripped (4)

15. Runs away in defeat (4)

16. Urd brought back from Mallorca (4)

18. Emperors initially wanting metallic element: Roman copper? (5)

20. Doctor used to occupy island associated with jellyfish (7)

21. Low islets always found in Caribbean sea (principally) (4)

22. Plant in state intelligence service shunning publicity (4)

24. Attendants of Greek deity snort it irregularly (7)

28. Type of boat using oars isn’t contracted (5)

29. Bundle of cables left by Dutch uncle (4)

33. Demolish westerly section of Caesarea (4)

35. Move gingerly from volcano’s edge (4)

36. Elaborate lie graces extreme disrespect (9)

37. One possibly hoping for indulgence when missing first shot (5)

38. College beside a river bank (6)

39. Measures constricting return of former cattle area (7)

40. Study by University ultimately withheld (4)


1. Writer’s note on house in Arkansas (6)

2. Confirming, typically, gold’s to rise in mid-July (5)

3. Rash or freckles soon reduced (8)

4. Czech play touring Hungary’s industrial region (4)

5. Winds capsizing vessels (6)

6. Connecting element turned up in flavoured drink (6)

7. Turning area of soil guaranteed to produce exotic fruit (4)

8. Disruption of older regime is ousting the leading characters (4)

9. Departure, say, on steamship (6)

12. Upturn of eastern currency certainly out of the question (2,3)

17. Shock upset bankers (4)

18. Enthusiastic about religion, not keeping quiet (4)

19. Get source of light to encompass centre of room (8)

22. Service provided in mountainous area (6)

23. Bar is one in Welsh cricket club, not enticing (5)

25. Island in which tailor works (6)

26. Typically, art class that’s popular to begin with (6)

27. Greasy mess mostly flowing over a railway (6)

30. Old examination in language thought to resemble Latin (5)

31. Conclusion finally embraced by expert leading to complaint (4)

32. Raised plot covering third of garden (4)

34. Delves into El Salvador’s success (4)

Chequered floor image by Tantek Çelik via Flickr under Creative Commons licence.

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