Each clue contains a misprint in its definition part. Corrections to misprints, in clue order, spell a quotation attributed to the person identified by two of the unclued entries. The other two unclued entries identify something else attributed to the same person.

The winner of this month's crossword was Simon Robinson (Balliol College 1996).



3. A hut that's dilapidated, article one may haul from Salt Lake (6)

7. Wild oath as bill is presented (4)

10. Yachting? Head off this week (6)

11. Deeply love composition Ravel originally enters (6)

12. Divine lip seen in dreamy trance? (6)

13. In Middle Eastern country governor gets round predator with fibs (6)

14. Howe's rank when first a minister, making me a lord? (7)

15. Hallow a room - mine (6)

20. Wood used on entrance in Algiers Morocco sadly rejected (6)

22. Deposit's swallowed by subscription: sue in advance (7)

24. Alarm about initially causing harm to source (6)

25. Constructed new winder (4,2)

26. Finish last of inedible pizza or make more food (6)

27. Severn bore ultimately entering wood beside church (6)

28. Care essential to incognito services (4)

29. Sacred spices once found in court in Yemeni capital (6)


1. Repeated sound made by ruru discernible from Pullman train (6)

2. Hide constructed above a road, one associated with lost ditch? (7)

3. Lesson in meaningful certainties (5)

4. Last to put in piece used for mah jongg game (5)

5. What may be revealed by examination of cello passage in Smetana EMI archive (7)

6. Inform about a rave (8)

7. Wish uncanny effect in English cathedral city to envelop religious instruction (6)

8. Dad's motser - a thousand dollars Australian (about a thousand) (7)

9. Curious dream about ecstasy - good luck with modern interpretation (4,2)

14. Add other things, having trashed Crete in letter from Greece (2,6)

16. Huge crowns borne up by artless dairymaids (7)

17. Lake woodland gods try unsuccessfully sailing in Mediterranean vessel (7)

18. Court against toffs milling around rear of palace (6)

19. Arm of undergraduate clothed in jade green (6)

21. Rot like Mary Celeste latterly, type of ship coming to sad end (6)

23. Terms in drafts now indicate the solvent drawee (5)