Enter December’s crossword competition to win a copy of Mark Forsyth’s The Elements of Eloquence.

Several answers are clued by subsidiary indications, without definition. Primary references in across clues may be helpful.

The winner of this month’s crossword competition was Edward M Belmont (Jesus College 1968).

December 2014 Crossword


1. Origin of early Latin grasped in class or small group (4)

4. Xeres internally taken by husband for first sign of dyspepsia (8)

10. Fervent entreaties succeeded, with hunter about to head south (7)

12. Ovine breed losing no end of weight in desert (5)

13. Republic’s leading group backing Greek character before middle of January (7)

15. Division? Mental ability letting down one small child (6)

16. ‘Barber’ I turned out in Italy after incipient rioting on Siena streetts (7)

18. Oceanic flora blown about in a gale (5)

19. Outside church tend somehow to appear modestly attired (6)

24. Kind of party in West, hosted by blacksmith, perhaps (6)

25. Obviating first of snow, winter transport arrives at northern town (5)

27. Form of echinoderm easily confused with lamprey initially (3, 4)

29. Cake’s origin revealed in Old Testament book (6)

32. Abandon Emergency Room around start of evening — it’s less busy (7)

33. Rough sport embraced by three characters in succession? (5)

34. One Morris stripped and dismantled — source of metal (4, 3)

35. Limp rose stem (8)

36. Support graduate ready to give up time (4)


1. Disguise leads astray (10)

2. Religious books are perversely viewed as a source of inspiration (5)

3. Old torch taken from nail in kitchen (4)

4. Principals in Home Office dismissing deception (7)

5. Agreements showing number in wrong tense (8)

6. The Prince — poem Irishman’s penning (4)

7. Wild part of Nepal a reference shows up (5)

8. Gold coin (old one) that’s ultimately lost beneath tree (6)

9. Ridicule misuse of ECG to cover a part of chest wall (7)

11. Relations surrounding American ship (6)

14. German gentleman in Cyprus on plane, typically (6, 4)

17. Cover across middle of deck is rickety (8)

20. English reader finally turned up printing plate (7)

21. Talk covering port transport of historic type (7)

22. Information about antique (6)

23. Detectives turned on corporation — something one said? (6)

26. Good stableman starting to exploit open space (5)

28. Sidelong looks given by certain characters rejecting terms of trust (5)

30. Navy scuttling relatively modern vessel (4)

31. Nineteen returned letters found in porch (4)

Image by Basheer Tome via Flickr under Creative Commons licence.