Crack December’s crossword competition to win The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase, by Mark Forsyth.

Each clue contains a misprint in its definition part. The correct letters, in clue order, spell out the last seven words of a quotation, consisting of four iambi. Solvers should include the trochee immediately preceding these, and the name of the author. 



1.  Charges when energy's replaced by male adepts (9) 

10. Like some contents of smokers' jackets, ornately prettified with bits of purple lace (6-6) 

12. Produce new wife for academician in Mediterranean island (9) 

13. Being about to follow provisions binning sequestration (7) 

14.  Reek from vehicle emissions initially (4) 

16. Warning of fats you should avoid in feast husband's brought in (6) 

17. Lager at Newmarket, maybe, in barrel carried by plane typically (6) 

20. Monty's fortune- teller almost stumped (6) 

21. Puny people may wear them, and do this badly (6) 

22.  Characterised by a certain twee genteel mythology, in part (4) 

23. Enthusiastic parson, one in flowing caftan (7) 

25.  Means of coping with falls ceases to work when stableman's involved (9) 

26.  Tiny part identified by choral arrangement tiro sees more rarely (12) 

27. Gen beyond faulty scanner possessed by Irish politician (9) 


1. Contrived defences fast, being damp? (12) 

2. Conservative set off (4) 

3. Ode topping several others rallier likes circulating (6,6) 

4. Basket of wheels left in confines of lane in old city (7) 

5. Quaint firth bounded by Scottish island almost beside loch and glen (12) 

6. Drug packed in boxes, things walk- on players often hate (6)  

7.  Flap used somehow to identify measure of garth (8) 

8. Send oven again on conveyance crossing motorway (10) 

9. Breaking diet tiny character follows pals (8,4) 

11.   Broken chairs collected by workers, those now in favour of government (10) 

15. Made hippy Joe drunk with cider (8) 

18. One among twelve peels one Indian vegetable turning up in cooking utensil (7) 

19. Begin to comprehend originator of union - James II of Scotland, I of England, maybe? (6) 

24. Largo work - digital feature enthralling millions (4) 


Image © urbanbuzz via Shutterstock.