Crack December's crossword competition to win The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase, by Mark Forsyth.

Every clue has a misprint of one letter in its definition part. Correct letters reveal part of a quotation which will enable solvers to infer which squares should be highlighted in the completed diagram. 

The winner of this month’s crossword competition was Angus Ross (Exeter, 1960).

Overturned cheese cart (4)


1.   Bling may project such strange similes (7) 

6.  Improver starting to understand nude dancing (5) 

10. Kern, leader of cohort captured by a native American (5) 

12. English journalist in New York got provided with what's required (5) 

13. Merrier, perhaps, having found bream swimming in river (8) 

15. Possible consequences of injections detective recognises when brought in (8) 

16. In danger, man exposed to the paint (7) 

17. One formerly riling Slavs got Italian backing, in part (4) 

20. Specialist teaches a diver's manoeuvres (7) 

21. Turn for the beater, perhaps, to insist following rumpus that's oddly ignored (7) 

25. Pater for instance got sardine sandwiches (4) 

26. Late rant starts to attract really rapt attention on Sabbath (7) 

27. Longs to secure help for problem identified by analysis of urite (8) 

30. Fortified installation originally surrounded by endless concrete, somehow (8) 

31. Running down chateau ultimately characterised by ceiling? (5) 

32. Keep part of weapon in pedal bin on reflection (5) 

33. Bust referred to in senate speech (5) 

34. Stowed empty receptacle in University outbuilding (7) 



1. Overturned cheese cart (4) 

2. Use cosh to induce newspaper to recruit British men (6) 

3. Source of energy which involves burning butane merits switching (5,7) 

4. Fork of leaf blade upset horse typically (6) 

5. Blinked as deer moved off (6) 

6. Missive from international organisation never acted upon (7) 

7. Southwark swinger, polite vegan high on drug (8,4) 

8. Quantities of moisture from fir upset Scandinavian endlessly (4) 

9.  Repair Eeyore's boot (7) 

11. Plant producing loaves, type of bloomer - prices so exorbitant around start of October (9) 

14. Object if space might be tied to programme with Moore? (9) 

18. Riposte that's possibly hurt DUP won't come out (3-4) 

19. Those who live one day of the week on scraps (7) 

22. Item often filmed with cream accepted by surrogate authority (6) 

23. Exacts minimum of support before Court to begin with (6) 

24. Deposit found on the tenth pair of sailors (6) 

28. March alone, holding up wind instrument (4) 

29. Slow rolling of dice (4) 

Image © urbanbuzz via Shutterstock.