Crack February's crossword competition to win The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase, by Mark Forsyth.

Every clue contains a misprint in its definition part. Correct letters in clue order hint at a device to be highlighted in the completed grid (24 cells). 



1.  Practised dunce replaced beam with blue exterior (7)  

11. Fattened, having abandoned diet (4) 

12.  Cell, room entered with door in the middle (6) 

13. Eastern court in thrall to corrupt ruler, one delivering tanks (8) 

14. Now an acidic chemical is left wrapped in a Persian carpet (6)  

15. Bosun's first to stir up cook on covered vessel (6) 

16.  Clack that's over after end of picnic (5) 

17. Whence one once saw gloaming - secret's out (7) 

19. What's often used to rack last of Tokay - small cube from Germany (5) 

22. Tests at an angle piece of optical equipment which holds answer (5) 

23. Take gage unlawfully in Post Office beside a church (5) 

24. Check about Lord's grassland in country of ill-fated Rand (5) 

28. Those ruining items in print mostly resist US collapse (7) 

30. Wind coming from river to west of Jamaica (5)

32. Tug lent to cruise around Egypt (6) 

33. Last Asian country in which dire want masks sloth (6) 

35. Collection of gossip opposed to ad about monster found in wafer (8) 

36. Impish sitter given to peeping? (6)  

37. Some knack needed for binding body part (4) 

38. Abatis made from maples, sensibly (7) 


1. Soothe emotional pair in a close compound (6) 

2. What's taken in bun, licked in the middle, with goodness outside (6) 

3. Stake with a mark just below tip (4) 

4. Filly developed a mostly lacklustre spirit ultimately (5) 

5. Make heavies mistreat disheartened children (6) 

6. A bishop in section of monastery finding alcove in which to don stuff (7) 

7. Hippy unfortunately lapsed, consuming drug (7) 

8. Rock scar evident in Karwendel vista (5) 

9. Yelp when in trouble, e.g. tangling with ultimate in unknown odds (7) 

10. Pisces notes to be broadcast around middle of month (6) 

11. Deport leaders of the extreme loony left (4) 

18. Those affecting tracts rendered in US prose (7) 

20. Most keep trucks within the law (7) 

21. Fuss, having to disentangle the lace? (7) 

23. Plantations producing food to waste, last in West Africa (6) 

25. Rousing development in eastern country (6) 

26. Parson from urban area to admit needing all-round support (6) 

27. Tranches supplied by CIA in Dallas, oddly (6) 

29.  Whence one might take wager to be in Berlin - about time (5) 

30. Butcher's cute witticisms originally missed (5) 

31. Ryan typically worn out - first person in Paris to secure promotion (4) 

34. Party of government securing nothing - outcomes of losing elections? (4) 

Image © urbanbuzz via Shutterstock.