Enter June’s crossword competition to win a copy of Mark Forsyth’s The Elements of Eloquence.

A quotation from a distinguished Oxonian is to appear running clockwise in the perimeter squares of the completed grid. Unchecked letters in the quotation could be rearranged as Venture no bigotries. One entry is unclued and must be deduced.

Crossword — June 2015


9. Sections without piano music and other creative achievements (4)

10. Guts shown in six running races (7)

11. Relative pronoun ultimately that is associated with case (not Anglo-Saxon) (5)

12. Impecunious person having urge to enter pub (6)

15. Features of poems American bishop penned in Iceland (5)

16. Only slight backing for old currency among some Greek speakers (4)

17. Sounded hurried, with acceleration of a sort (4)

18. Stop withdrawing relief needed by father and child (8)

21. Among flourishing trees tip of ilex is seen to protrude (6)

22. Form of eco-life, one apt to be affected by climate change (3,4)

23. Western European’s home housing notorious police chief (7)

26. Layer cakes sent back with some hesitation (7)

29. Produce milk from a cattle compound (7)

32. In protecting German company shows loyalty (6)

34. Carol hangs around court with knight, having a fit of the vapours (8)

36. Secure window feature left unfastened (4)

38. Ingredients of tandoori meal sent over for autocrat (4)

39. Collected sayings from old soldier in Louisiana (5)

40. Turing a key starts to open door as agreed (6)

41. Plans cast aside (5)

42. Ground trainer condemned (7)

43. Take a view of Paradise as eternal rest (4)


1. Damaging information turning up about a criminal gang (5)

2. Number one meets wandering around Italy (7)

3. Olympian runs into ocean, somersaulting (4)

4. Openings around front of atrium most treated with reserve (7)

5. Time for one in Umbrian town to provide support (6)

6. Starts to see if bling suits brothers and sisters (4)

7. Who’s in thrall to heartless pushers — endlessly? (4)

8. Artist and philosopher returning to Germany (5)

10. Endless case involving leader of Ottoman royal house (6)

13. Count on service being good (4)

14. Historic province featured in Parisian journal (5)

19. Perverse attitude embraced by head of government, one ruined by Greek investment (5)

20. Bird devoured by another one (5)

24. Dyed cloth found in clothing seaman brought over (5)

25. See preamble (6)

27. Notable existentialist author roaming around Spain (7)

28. Fruit fly turning up on peeled melon (7)

30. Fairly big receptacle (4)

31. Tough chicken, one left for consumption by Cape settler (6)

33. Remove hardware from interior of lunar module (5)

35. Despair, perhaps, as daughter goes off dating rogue (5)

37. Field hospital in which we find Rachel’s sister (4)

38. Name of woman ditching husband is correct (4)

39. Inventory, please (4)

Image by Ben K Adams via Flickr, reproduced under Creative Commons licence.