Crack June's crossword competition to win The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase, by Mark Forsyth.

The last line of a verse is represented in the completed grid, appropriately understood. One of the normally clued answers should resolve any doubt. Solvers should write the name of the author of the verse beneath or beside the solution. 



1.  Player caught in a lock (7) 

7.  Officer in wood going around in the manner of a feeble politician (5) 

11.  Women put on list in turn (5) 

12.  Solid firm starts to number off its directors (6) 

13.  Reverse perhaps best acknowledged in the early stages (7) 

14. Swimmer, unpleasant sort, leaving river (5) 

17. Runners following one led astray (5) 

18. China plate finally dropped when ice- cream is mixed (7) 

19. Wood store exploited when cook is around (8) 

24. Citizen of Rome typically a tribune abused (8) 

27. Exit poetically showing remarkable gusto about opening and closing of ode (7) 

29.  Coastal feature shining when tower finally is obscured (5) 

33.  Matter reflected by artist briefly shown above (5) 

34. Entire number engaged in newly arranged replay (7) 

35. Extension module architect left to be installed (4-2) 

36. Gluttony, maybe, and sloth in troubled territory (5) 

37. Outcast displays features of terrible personality (5) 

38.  Force dishonourable type to take part in action (7) 


2. Child we brought up to meditate (4) 

3. Means of securing article planted in terrace (6) 

4. Ingredients turning up in whortleberries are revolting (5) 

5. Ruminants dash over deserted square (6) 

6. School introducing some easy children's tests (4) 

7. One who courts speaker, wanting female (5) 

8.  Board in small square containing paintings over here (7) 

9. Fetishes, extremely tiresome, cherished by males (6) 

10. Line is out of order and remains dormant (4,2) 

13. Timeless insults associated with soprano's bloomers (8) 

15.  Study of missiles left ultimately in garden area (8) 

16. Cooking ingredient taken from another basket (4) 

20. Upset sample of crude grog - neat - and fill to excess (7) 

21. Service plane, typically? (4) 

22. Peacekeeping organisation, having about a month in Israel, set up crescent- shaped formation (6) 

23. Block support wavers when resistance is eliminated (4,2) 

25. Mother mistreated babes and son (6) 

26. Reptile again active around middle of January (6) 

28. Taking part in broadcast from Trianon that's coming up (2,3) 

30. Greek dialect, possibly Socratic? Not right (5) 

31. Vegetation found in rural garden (4) 

32. Old instrument initially neglected in New Orleans music 

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