Crack June’s crossword competition to win How English Became English: A Short History of a Global Language, by Simon Horobin.

Every clue has a misprint in its definition part. Correct letters, in clue order, spell out part of a verse, which should enable solvers to complete the diagram and determine which squares should be highlighted.

Crossword — June 2017

    2    Quiet look and example will offer one of life’s alternatives (9)
    11    Culinary ingredient that’s not bad, incorporated by Greek character (6)
    12    Supports accepting foremost of Republicans, arrant types (6)
    13    Scree in America featured in song (8)
    16    Detachment from artillery defending peace in offshore island (4)
    17    Those performing princes, outcasts touring Austria (7)
    19    Wombat training area limits boomeranging skill (8)
    21    Trek in Morocco where artist plunges into a river (4)
    22    Sum securing most of expensive sofa fabric (6)
    23    Grammar questionnaire entertaining Fonda, for example (6)
    25    Cast taking Victorian transport back to Italy (4)
    27    Women in shady lagoons making costly errors in plan (3,5)
    28    Deposits possibly found on tombs made to be put in position (7)
    31    Mural not entirely unnoticeable (4)
    32    Sulky English sergeant-major hiding in tree (8)
    33    Having little fresh milk, initially a bore (6)
    34    Project financially ruins unfortunate European (6)
    35    After Ace by South, play at first stopped with card surfacing (9)

    1    Taka account, last in Sylhet keeping a record (6)
    3    Metal coop, secure, accommodating rooster finally (4)
    4    Hair less untidy, police found in outlying parts of Alloa (8)
    5    Coarse drunkard engaged in unseemly riot (7)
    6    Sitter possibly defined by some in French Alps (4)
    7    Rust damaged gate in special transport facility (9)
    8    Musician missing piano, one going to bed (5)
    9    Upper-class lady, rich, turning wasp out (9)
    10    Mikes free with American earmuffs (exterior features only) (4)
    14    Pole at art complex, where flags may be had for short-term use (9)
    15    Breaks fuming union of peacekeeping troops leaving Italy (9)
    18    Writer relying on rumour from constituent about old underworld leader (8)
    20    Absence of story of mental impressions seaman composed about current (7)
    24    Free, as before, after key’s cut (6)
    26    Wager transport will consist of train heading northwards in European country (5)
    28    Poetically apply order in middle of exercise (4)
    29    Function of a soft drug accepted by school (4)
    30    Ad claimed to interpret missing studies (4)

Crossword baseball boot photo by Clarissa Rossarola, via Flickr, under Creative Commons licence.

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