The nth letters of the clues (where n is a significant number), in the given order, reveal a
quotation whose author should be highlighted in the completed diagram.

The winner of this month’s crossword was Timothy Weakley (Wadham College, 1953).

OT October 2014 Crossword Puzzle


1. Oddly shy when entertaining us, she’s a woman of little worth (5)

6. A ridge laid down in Saskatchewan that’s almost weird at the margins (5)

10. A biblical story with notes, or a piece of music with nothing in it? (8)

12. Back whip round for exotic refreshment (4)

13. Dance, if artistically imagined (7)

15. What’s in painter’s composition is accepted by most of market (5)

16. A type of concrete in former time set around sports facility (7)

18. Part of building collapses (not all) (4)

21. Go to court, take action, or use alternative (3)

23. Port wine Dave’s brought back — just a sample (4)

24. Missile that’s delivered in camp (7)

27. Almost fail to comprehend what central to knitting gloves (5)

30. Earth and stones from US state containing gold (7)

31. Part of temple in New England where traditional Bible’s housed (4)

32. No unique inanity — one current in bishop’s jurisdiction mostly (8)

33. First off, a light sweet Martini? (5)

34. Sailors in film about flier? Footsoldiers (5)


1. Dance round margins of Timbuktu to enhance calescence (3,2)

2. A river in country area (overlooking source) (4)

3. A Tammany leader fills a chemist’s bottles (6)

4. Presumably one of Zeno’s followers is to broadcast on origin of cosmology (5)

5. Describing some elements involved in art insurance, mostly (11)

6. Physicist from naughty nineties (8)

7. Function thence turning secular (6)

8. Iceland supporting its currrency — it has a point (4)

9. Sixteenth-century bishop, one led off to be imprisoned by queen — not half (6)

11. Argue about sort of lighting offence that’s not right (6)

14. NY locality, exclusive yet ultimately caught in outbreak of disease (4,4)

17. Sends word of farewell after tour’s conclusion (6)

19. Maybe Pompadour engaged in conflict as a means of disrupting communication (6)

20. Necessitate rendering of Latin with English heading (6)

22. Restructured part in theatre appearance (6)

25. Norse Fascist leader embraces poor scholar (5)

26. Lock for a stronghold drops off (5)

28. Like disallowed food initially targeted by whistleblower (4)

29. Flat sort of snow seen when going north (4)

Images by clarissa rossarola via Flickr, under Creative Commons licence.