Crack October's crossword competition to win The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase, by Mark Forsyth.

Four groups of letters totalling twenty-eight cells, and located as two symmetrically placed pairs, are to be highlighted in the completed diagram. Twenty clues contain a misprint in their definition parts. Correct letters in clue order should be helpful. 


1.   Dame starting to charm everybody (4) 

6.  Persist with Chinese spirit (4,2) 

11.  South-east Asian area shown by cipher in fluent Latin (7) 

14.  Source of word in early Anglo-Saxon (4) 

16. One who leads mocks ramshackle boat going around Britain (5) 

17. Goddess in Indian city once captivating millions (6) 

18. Unsuitably matched teams out in middle (8) 

19.  Boer seen in Appleby (4) 

20. Extraordinary tricks directed against company secretary (6) 

25. Vehicle crossing main westerly section? (6) 

27. Rendered extract from Ariosto, extremely vain (6) 

31. Crib from someone's tent starts to bring on rancorous quarrel (6) 

32. Face left after getting help to come back (4) 

34. Pub outside Truro almost wrecked when European enters chuntering? (2,6) 

37. Extension to mail building woman's seen beside river (6) 

38. Wood shifted round in a block (5) 

39. Element present in fine onyx (4) 

40. Pupil showing sloth starting to nod in service, perhaps (7) 

41. Article by child penned in Greek character's language (6) 

42. Rose sick after heroin (4) 


1. Chip holding secret, one disregarded in allegation (4) 

2. Pale individual out on bail (6) 

3. Look. then order machine used by workers in lines, maybe (4) 

4. Serving women about to change course in offensive operations (7) 

5. Attitudes shown in paper carried by US soldiers (5) 

7. Conductor identified in a poem (5) 

8. Precocious girl's speed restricted by Moscow's refusal (7) 

9. Article in record book turning up in quad (4) 

10. Successful competitor missing first shot (5) 

12. Avoid drama? It's a ban to be reviewed (7) 

13. Shore outline revealed by some paper cups (6) 

15. Rock circle - particular interest that's been raised (6) 

21. Areas cultivated around middle of July normally (2,1,4) 

22. Order within a month, in short - much later in Palestine (6) 

23. Composer's piano; no clue to be solved (7) 

24. Form of cosh to hire around north-east, when coming over (6) 

26. New bio-camera Argentina exported, of a type able to enter the intestine? (7) 

28. Walrus starting to lick small portion of face (6) 

29. Sharp spike a threat to clothing (5) 

30.  Times within this unusual interval (5) 

31. Type of pine seen from bridge, one over a river (5) 

33. Article about writer never naked? (4) 

35. Function in cosmopolitan hotel (4) 

36. Meant to fix article nothing will secure (4) 

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