April 2013

by Michael Macdonald-Cooper (St Catherine's 1962)


Correct forms of across misprints spell "The Masque of Balliol", those of down misprints "First come I, my name is Jowett".

This month’s winner is Michael D Taylor (Oriel College 1957).

April crossword solution

April crossword

Every clue contains one misprint in its definition part. Correct letters in across clues spell out a title, those in down clues the first line of a verse. The two unclued rows supply this verse’s fourth line.


1. Journo backing detective nabbing son – he had a nose job (7)

6. Redistribute bands in Alabama following old-fashioned advice (6)

10. European vineyard offering pals shade (4)

11. Such as one day count broken pieces of marble collected by Greek character with energy (9)

13. See preamble (4,1,4,4)

16. Other ranks were fed on speck (5)

17. Concerted yelling by speculators, brisk, not quiet (4)

18. Impart a distorted duality to southern gardens (4)

21. See Queen enthralled by stupid boy’s odism (7)

23. Fuel contempt for Spanish funerary vessel (5)

25. Almost set to import painting showing trouper from France (5)

27. Hailing of intellectual capacity when in a public house one afternoon (7)

31. Rounded space – part of square actually (4)

32. Old tux’s cost that’s exorbitant (4)

34. Move on after difficulty (5)

37. See preamble (4,9)

38. Partner of ruder man here clumsily snatching separate articles (9)

39. Pernod served in Outer Mongolia (4)

40. Heartlessly intended, as words may be (6)

41. ‘Bulky’ beverage served in social gathering mostly after brewing? (4,3)


1. Norms of precipitation date metamorphosis of powders (8)

2. Distinctive sort of noose used by the Choctaws (4)

3. The successor to Pio being locked up in jail is arbitrary (8)

4. Wound made by cutting nails when getting up (4)

5. Best of logic and accuracy bringing form of kudos around University (6)

6. Eilat owner drifting north (6)

7. Doctor concealing alias in part of West Africa (5)

8. Regular contributions from all comers used in traditional dedication (5)

9. Blub, reading article in French, with date (4)

12. Goodness one’s found in corn (5)

14. Fess up completely, being discovered in tense spots (5)

15. Hold image some worship, one connected with party line (4)

19. Wife, American, one behaving dishonourably in opera house there (8)

20. Eversion seen in medium enclosed by four articles (8)

22. Question beginning to irritate mannerist (5)

24. Endlessly beat gong (4)

26. Dame swimming around Netherlands Antilles, woman gripped by frenetic manta (6)

27. Gap in which organ is played (5)

28. Must for small children – strip mostly with woolly lining (6)

29. Argan’s supplied by a South African in the Netherlands (5)

30. Western Alliance promoted Norgay’s divinity once (5)

33. Drag a log about a third of a mile supported by police force (4)

35. Ships mostly bear it (4)

36. Intimidating hype appearing in blog, regrettably (4)