Six of the clues contain two superfluous words each. Each of the remaining clues contains one superfluous word. The initial letters of these 50 words spell out a quotation to be entered clockwise in the perimeter squares of the diagram. Two unclued entries are to be deduced.

The winner of this month's crossword was Lionel Richard Jebb (Merton College, 1955)

April Crossword


9. Weep over onion recipe, maybe (4)

10. Envy Cousteau swimming without special device anchor relies on? (7)

11. Exterior presented by metropolitan bijouterie (5)

12. See preamble (6)

15. Large figure – it’s seen on top in mathematical function (5)

16. Exporter backed swindle delivering rainwear (4)

17. Card player always sat out after end of game (4)

18. Sound units from northern environs of Perth one’s deployed around Middle East (8)

21. Team from East Fife town demoted (6)

23. Drink knocked back, consumed by inebriated father – fiery stuff (7)

24. Opposes most of article, noting blemishes (7)

26. Extra fast current starts to tug at lines around Channel Island (7)

29. Old coin offered by ranksmelling farmer in South America (7)

31. Eastern country shifting capital away from the coast (6)

33. Jumping gun – vital when running cross-country (8)

36. Olympian given terribly hard time (4)

38. Flighty type using ham in avocado sandwiches (4)

39. German community seen freely embracing Austrian saint (5)

40. Last ditch group of supporters start to claim equal cut (6)

41. Overseers indicated average time (5)

42. Federal soldiers try, in point of fact, returning north (7)

43. Colourful deity from Indonesia encountered in tropical isle (4)


1. Supply hard question, one to feature in first of exam papers (5)

2. Evangelist’s friend endlessly admired by the women (7)

3. Become tense travelling on vessel (4)

4. As, for instance, Spanish article on people in Egypt describes Alexandrians (7)

5. A rich decoration covering area to port or starboard? (5)

6. Played impromptu club chess, finally exchanging knights (4)

7. Danish couple, quite mad, scrubbing area within college (4)

8. Almost half of class in Tanzania achieved fame (5)

10. Takes to task Church of England priest featured in book (7)

13. Sidelong look apt to wind up (4)

14. Commercial city, very large, also known as Canton (5)

19. Foolish persons mistakenly send king to capture rook (5)

20. Exhausted mariner ecstatic about end of trip (5)

22. When young, Silas organised attacks (7)

25. Place to put up the old Christmas holly, almost withered (5)

27. See preamble (7)

28. Roof showing escutcheon and arms artistically represented (7)

30. Country air around Quantocks initially stimulates (4)

32. Tender from Geneva travelled in three foreign countries primarily (5)

34. Ruined section of ground easily identified (5)

35. Dramatist shows annoyance before opening in Theatre Royal (5)

37. Expected tenor to give thrilling musical performance (4)

38. Fitting in introductions to more Oxford entrepreneurs early tomorrow (4)

39. Uprising first eliminating nice quiet ruler (4)