Carfax by Phi

All answers are of the same form as CARFAX, i.e. each is a six letter word with the second and fifth letters the same, so that it can be entered as below. Each answer is entered as a cross with the common letter going in the relevant numbered square. The perimeter of the puzzle is partly filled by two thematic items reading clockwise, one starting at A, the other at B. Solvers must submit the other two with their completed grids.

This month's winner is Brian McQuade (Trinity College, 1943).

August 2013  Crossword August 2013 1

Crossword August 2013

Clues (6)

1 Copper leading force in drink, mostly a smallish about of drink

2 Soldiers backing associate about a rabbit

3 Remaining group, American, creating disturbance

4 Invented language and translated Swiss and Turkish, primarily

5 Drink some salt water in a group

6 Bristly Priest probing bloke's documentation

7 Southern island’s furthest point put forward as private

8 Second boat? That'll be capital

9 Worker with heat looking hot and lukewarm in turn

10 Munich’s article drawing in beer salesman

11 Sex info: article eschews love

12 Police station’s function not applicable here, after 75% left

13 Rustic's working for restrictive Cambridge horse-dealer

14 Porter accommodating Arab messenger

15 Chemical almost entirely potassium? Almost entirely iodine

16 Bill, in study, showing reversal of ethnic trends

17 Stunted Scots stupid to go round Ireland

18 Description of journey: no breaks, no parking

19 Panic about cocaine becoming mostly unavailable

20 Bats occupying it? One's heading off

21 Mediaeval sectarian, man not entirely rigorous

22 Raised attention, having left-winger around

23 A dessert's turned over in layers

24 Channel craft quite lacking bow

25 Six extra in group