December 2012

Set by Michael Macdonald-Cooper (St Catherine's, 1962)


This month’s winner is Martyn Leaver, Exeter 1979.

December crossword solution

Oxford Today December Crossword Solution Notes
Misprints in clues are identified beside brief explanations of each clue.


1 TRUMPET; MP in true, t; (sTop ie organ stop)

6 SPORTS; strops, reversed; (Healthy)

10 ROD; ro(un)d; (pErch)

12 AIRIER; hidden; (briSk)

13 BOA; boa(r); (apOd)

14 USE; US, E; (serviCe)

15 TARRY; AR in try; (hoveR)

17 PORN; Po, RN; (mAtter)

18 SYMBOL; anagram of by som(e) + L; (Token)

19 ARREST; Res. in art; (run In)

21 CIBORIA; Bori(s) in CIA; (Carried)


24 MERRIER; m, err, i.e., R; (More - drunk)

29 ARABLE; bar, reversed, in ale; (fArm)

32 ORIGIN; O + I in anagram of ring; (foNt)

34 KINO; Kino (Ger) a cinema or film theatre; (resiN)

35 SWAMI; swam + I; (East)

36 ROE; R, o(N)e; (DeeR)

37 ELK; el, K; (bIg)

38 DÉJÀ VU; Av in anagram of Jude; (Seen)

39 ATE; even letters of wattle; (MuNched)

40 SEAMER; E in S, Amer.; (bOwl)

41 ABYSMAL; anagram of lamb, say; (piT)


1 TRUST; hidden reversed; (FAith)

2 ROSY; ro(w), SY; (rouGed)


4 PITON; to (before,as in ten to three); (Aid)

5 TIRE; first letters; (Make)

6 SERA; hidden; (palE)

7 OPPROBRIOUS; pro, brio in Opus; (Apt)

8 TORSION; anagram of isotron; (sTrain)

9 SANTA; san, TA; (Winter’s)

11 DEMO; demo(n); (MarcH)

13 BOER; bo(x)er; (tIller)

16 ALIKE; I, k in ale; (Class)

20 PUERILE; U in peril, e; (sHowing)

21 CAR; car(e); (Trabant)

22 IDIOM; Di in IOM; (Way)

24 MAKES; last letters; (fOrces)

25 RANK; (F)rank; (Cabs)

26 PRIVY; pr., ivy; (cloAked)

27 AGRA; hidden; (Noted)

28 KNEEL; anagram of keenl(y); (Pray)

30 EWER; (n)ewer; (Large)

31 RAJA; a jar, reversed; (greAt)

33 (p)atoi(s) reversed; (teenY)

December crossword

Every clue contains a misprint of one letter in its definition part. Corrected misprints in clue order reveal a quotation whose source and author are to appear in the completed grid. The winner will receive a bottle of Macon-Verze Domaines Leflaive 2009.

The deadline for this month's crossword is 17 January.


1 Right time to catch politician in shop used by musicians (7)

6 Fits of temper about wealthy pastimes? (6)

10 Foreign article lost in circular porch (3)

12 More brick possibly found in prairie region (6)

13 Sort of aped swine, dropping tail (3)

14 Servile European follows American (3)

15 Attempt to insulate Arkansas hovel (5)

17 Sexually explicit mutter from sailors beside river (4)

18 Woken by some endlessly playful lecturer (6)

19 Research in occult knowledge is to run on (6)

21 Vessels harried by service personnel, Russian mostly, in secret agency (7)

23 See preamble (7,6)

24 Initially makes blunder that is right bore - drunk? (7)

29 Backing for pub getting in drink is kind of firm (6)

32 Fort, old one in form of ring (6)

34 German theatre used for resit (4)

35 Religious teacher in the past crawled towards Italy (5)

36 Deep river, one with no name (3)

37 In Spain, the king comes to bag animal with antlers (3)

38 Avenue around which poor Jude's already been (4,2)

39 Mulched wattle that's oddly neglected (3)

40 English absorbed by South American, one who'll bawl (6)

41 Characteristic of the pie - minced lamb, say (7)


1 Frith's contribution to art surtaxed retrospectively (5)

2 Routed most of boat trip north of Seychelles (4)

3 See preamble (3,8)

4 Climbing bid, before breaking leg (5)

5 Take weary traveller into royal enclosure initially (4)

6 Miserably bottles palm fluids (4)

7 Opt to attract condemnation for vivacity in musical work, maybe (11)

8 Sprain from shifting isotron (7)

9 Pinter's visitor joining hospital volunteers (5)

11 Marco, person of great energy, mostly (4)

13 Heartless pugilist, taller, resident in Transvaal? (4)

16 Drink containing one small quantity of kir - in the same glass (5)

20 Danger evident at first around University, slowing development that has some way to go? (7)

21 Brabant, for instance, giving endless trouble (3)

22 Man embraces woman in day of speaking (5)

24 Farces from Bulgaria pack theatre stalls at last (5)

25 Where you will find labs open, except for first of February (4)

26 Present climber clocked in secrecy (5)

27 City voted for mausoleum in pukka granite (4)

28 Prepare to bray, perhaps keenly? Not quite, not exactly (5)

30 Vessel, barge, relatively modern, heading off (4)

31 Raising a glass, greet potentate (4)

33 Taking up clipped patois is a teens thing (4)