A place and a name are to appear in the completed grid. Subsidiary indications in clues lead to answers plus one superfluous letter not to be entered in the grid. These letters, in clue order, reveal a helpful message.

The winner of this month's crossword was Graeme Wistow (Univ, 1972)

February Crossword


7 Instrument backing lyrics about Oxford degree course (6)

8 Emotional shock, ultra awful, facing mother (6)

9 Cleansing facilities provided by Chinese, and basis for refreshment (10)

13 Hold conversation with greedy bishop (5)

14 Understood King toattend established\church (5)

15 Heart-shaped oldradio wrongly seized by investigators (8)

16 Featherbrained, confusing facts with extreme elements of theory (6)

17 Map including capital of Uruguay linked to merchant navy shipping line (6)

18 Typically Oxford house, in the main(4)

20 Watery vapour seeninitially in Romney? (4)

23 Largo crudely composed in Holloway? (4)

25 Scarf provided by Austrian I start to unwrap (5)

26 Sort of fabric, corded cloth, found in college and church (5)

27 Rebuff from America starts to needle UK badly (4)

29 Partner standing by North Island palm (4)

30 Sailor appearing in Glasgow theatre (4)

31 After good time, youngster is happy (4)

32 No good leaving university to study (4)

33 Fields are almost stripped (6)

34 Character with brother in Paris threshing the corn (6)


1 Local trench in outskirts of Alloa disrupting service (subsequently cancelled) (4)

2 Tent Dean pitches, with regular projections (7)

3 Person of rank with peculiar yen to be seen as insignificant type (6)

4 Profit Galician conceals not being an upright type? (6)

5 Fixing new fence (7)

6 Portion of peanuts thrown up in the air (4)

9 Irish politician penning feature seen to interrupt old woman's development (8)

10 Flaky rum donut developed originally in German city (8)

11 Military vehicle about to be held by court as unstable (5,3)

12 Antediluvian creature disguised as dropout (8)

19 Eyepiece shown by old copper, one prone to fibbing (6)

21 Unorthodox societies El Salvador expelled - most chilling (6)

22 Lyricist's photo - photo to put aside (6)

24 Ventilate section of Stranraer eatery (6)

28 Research establishment over on Italian holiday island (4)

30 Selection of Toltec charms seen in college (4)