Every clue contains a misprint in its definition part. Correct letters provide a reference which links the three unclued entries.

The winner of this month's crossword was Witold J Petrusewicz (St John's College, 1985)

June Crossword


5. Selection of passwords: many fail user, typically (9)

12. Diversion of train between termini in Uruguay: what could be simpler? (7)

13. Blog starting to worry Chinese government (5)

14. Put nut in distillate as envisaged (3,2,4)

16. It's harmful to chop ends of feeler and wings from insect (4)

17. Combine producing bonus processing the lace (7)

18. Presenting deal countenances being de facto shifty around women (3-5)

20. Tinny name-badge, typically, Greek character ultimately lost (5)

22. Stock in wrong cabinet, flimsies mostly out of order (7)

26. Person identified as owner earlier giving description of herd? (4-1-2)

30. Faith once brought forth into Spain is linked with La Mancha originally (5)

31. Likely recipient of blown lily heads each initially held by nymph (8)

33. Farmed together in land lacking irrigation, ultimately, across Peru (7)

34. One bringing vases back through Delaware, USA (4)

36. Tending to longer training required for tiger and lion (9)

37. False statement about extremes shown by erring parson under feudal tenure (5)

38. Alternative to maxi - short dress, with collar and buckle at the front (7)

39. What permanent wars may do, in brief: empty chest (9)


1. See preamble (7,4)

2. Sin through marriage, having lain improperly with wife (2-3)

3. Medoc once relied on this plant, a factory gaining French trust (7)

4. Expression of irritation over sum, maybe (4)

5. Slut posed with a tie badly knotted (7)

6. Bid person initially worrying to overcome strain (6)

7. Constructor of hovels hired us for alteration (7)

8. Sprinkling bedews nervy types (6)

9. Arab possibly presenting novel angle about Late Latin (9)

10. Marine minster located in isle at one side of isthmus (6)

11. Iconism traditionally found here by a Byzantine national, name withheld (8)

15. See preamble (6,5)

17. See preamble (1,1,1,4)

19. Thick case open and shut prematurely? Warning originally given in Epistle (9)

21. Rare wind storms stop mound moving forward (4,4)

23. Wayward genius putting oxygen in a type of hock (7)

24. Additive to brands, e.g., outlined excitedly, missing nothing (7)

25. Sometimes means going around in circles (7)

27. Hug that's forceful, with no end of passion (6)

28. Rigger with American place Eisenhower vacated (6)

29. Relating to those who spur citizens providing lifts (6)

32. Para included in chronicle article on North American league (5)

35. Fire in watchtower intensifies (4)