March 2013

by Michael Macdonald-Cooper (St Catherine's 1962)

March Crossword Solution

This month’s winner is Graeme Wistow (University College 1972).

March crossword solution


(Superfluous words in bold, in brackets)


5 CRAGGY; rag in CY (so)

9 PHALANX; ha’ in plan, x (let)

11 GILL; g, ill (him)

13 PACE; P, ace (rest)

14 RAYON; anagram of o, yarn (till)

15 ONUS; on, US (crack)

16 STANK; S, tank (of)

18 GROG; first letters (doom)

20 ORISON; s in Orion (of)

21 ONEIDA; anagram of idea no (mortal)

22 VAT; va(S)t (tasks)


25 AIR; hidden reversed (aweary)

26 APIECE; I in ape, CE (and)

29 DARNED; anagram of and red (nothing)

30 COLA; o, l in ca. (write)

31 STOMA; Tom in SA (upon)

33 TOUR; to, UR (his)

34 RISER; hidden reversed (tomb)

35 NERO; quot. qualis artifex pereor: hidden (sandwiches, vb) (save)

36 ALSO; first letters (beta)

37 KOI CARP; I, ca. in anagram of pork (minus)

38 BIGWIG; first letters (query)



(Superfluous letters in bold, in brackets)

1 APPROVAL anagram less middle letter of Siena (A)

2 FACTITIOUS; It., IOU in facts (pLay)

3 EARN; A (ace) in ER, N (Face)

4 OXYGEN MASKS; x within anagram of gas monkeys (boxeRs)

5 CHOROIDS; h, id separately contained in anagram of corso (hidE)

6 RUN-ON; non-U, R, reversed (Dread)

7 AGOG; (M)agog (David)

8 GLUED; alternate letters of gold used, + D (sEizing) size vb = treat with glue

10 LEASE; L, ease, vb (leNt)

12 INDIAN MEAL; anagram of mailed Nina (I)

17 KNEELING; anagram of link gene (geneS)

19 HARD COPY; (hard(y), copy (Gape)

24 TRONC; hidden reversed (patroOns)

27 PAOLI; O in Pali (traceD)

28 CORGI; cor, gi(n) (peLt)

29 CROW; C, row triumph vb (dinE)

32 TRIO; hidden (partY)

March crossword

Each across clue contains a superfluous word. Each down clue contains, somewhere, a superfluous letter. These should enable solvers to complete the three unclued entries.

The deadline for this month's crossword is 29 March.


1 See preamble (6)

5 Hard slate found in Cyprus, so rugged (6)

9 Scheme to include Scottish hall let by solid body of supporters (7)

11 Measure finally proving him bad (4)

13 Step one - rest after pressure (4)

14 Fabric that's manufactured from bit of old yarn till reconstituted (5)

15 Crack cricket side from America shows responsibility (4)

16 Smelt of sulphur, being followed by armoured vehicle (5)

18 Strong drink leads to doom given rate of guzzling (4)

20 Prayer of hunter will secure success primarily (6)

21 Strange idea no mortal native American's produced (6)

22 Skipping Sabbath tasks in very large vessel (3)

23 See preamble (5)

25 Appearance presented by friar, returning aweary (3)

26 And each primate embraces one church (6)

29 Nothing like wellworn hose and red knits (6)

30 Write brief about putting bits of orangeand lemon in soft drink (4)

31 Opening found by piper's son upon being housed by Salvationists (5)

33 Period of service in honour of his old city (4)

34 One such as Lazarus turning in tomb snores irksomely (5)

35 Perishing artist? Save dinner or sandwiches (4)

36 Beta particles from any likely source or item (4)

37 Japanese swimmer, one about to tuck into pork minus salad? (3,4)

38 Mogul starts to query boast involving Greek writing in gazette (6)

39 See preamble (6)


1 Losing heart in Siena, confused over a Papal sanction (8)

2 Data about Italian promise to play must be contrived (10)

3 Make face with royal personage around, one of four playing bridge (4)

4 Medical equipment redesigned to gas monkeys, injecting what's inmost in boxers (6,5)

5 Sections of viewers hide, after separating, in crumbling parts of corso (8)

6 Inversion of socially unacceptable rule in which we dread enjambement (3-2)

7 David beheaded giant (4)

8 Gold used oddly with diamonds, as things will be after seizing? (5)

10 Lent pound before decrease in value (5)

12 I mailed Nina out in Madras, for instance (6,4)

17 Link genes with mutation, adopting humble attitude (8)

19 Paper document makes novelist almost gape (4,4)

24 Tips from patroons turning up in Arctic north (5)

27 Traced sacred language around ordinary Roman coins formerly (5)

28 Expression of surprise over trap snapping tail off canine pelt (5)

30 Dine following Conservative triumph (4)

32 Catriona is holding a minuet party, for instance (4)