November 2012

Set by Michael Macdonald-Cooper (St Catherine's, 1962)


This month’s winner is Judith Withnell, St Hugh’s 1966.

November crossword solution

Oxford Today November Crossword Solution Notes
Superfluous words in clues are identified beside brief explanations of each clue.


1 Anagram of kisser; (Organ)

5 Yell, O, W; (Xenophobic)

9 Hidden; (For)

10 s, Lit; (Option)

12 (Mitt)errand; (Romney)

13 Reversal of Oz in a man; (Deepest)

14 a, toll (vb, to ring); (Initially)

15 Nap in It; (Seriously)

16 Bet, H; (Obscure)

19 I in anagram of rears; (Narrow)

20 ’s older; (Tungsten)

21 H, reversal of bonbo(n) (associate, vb); (Hypocritical)

24 Last letters of idle April, + apse; (Easter)

28 w, end; (Warlike)

31 MI, sty; (Huge)

32 Anagram of held, + I; (Often)

33 Hidden; (Local)

34 Mark, ET; (Emerging)

35 Reversal of slee(k); (Mediterranean)

36 Egg in reversal of ear; (Orchestra)

37 REME + reversal of yd; (Rotor)

38 L, anagram of roses; (Enigmatic)


1 Anagram of naked, + first letter of sweat; (After)

2 Anagram of voters; (Tory)

3 2 meanings (stop running, market outlet); (Trader)

4 Anagram of deer’s, + a; (Rough)

5 T in anagram of essay (yeasts, vb); (Academic)

6 Reversal of on all; (College)

7 First letter of ileac, + z, within lard; (The)

8 N in anagram of write; (Indycar)

9 Parts minus p; (Violin)

11 E in topes; (Enjoying)

16 B, row; (Terrible)

17 Old after H; (Her)

19 I, chemical symbol; (Analysed)

21 2 meanings; (Noble)

22 Hidden (sandwiches, vb); (Could, Accomplish)

23 Fry after bel; (Modern)

24 E, + reversal of leman; (Blue)

25 K in reversal of Salop; (Rural)

26 Anagram of rioted; (Irate)

27 2 meanings; (Dean)

29 R in begs; (Generally)

30 H in gee; (Extremely)

November crossword

One of the clues contains two superfluous words. All the other clues each contain one superfluous word. The initial letters of these words, in the order they occur, reveal a quotation whose author appears in the completed grid. The winner will receive a bottle of Macon-Verze Domaines Leflaive 2009.

The deadline for this month's crossword is 17 December.


1 Mouth organ skiers damaged (6)

5 Northern isle with xenophobic old women showing signs of age? (6)

9 Former Labour leader in Seattle for event (6)

10 Cut special literature option (4)

12 Mission former President has to displace Mitt Romney (6)

13 Strong woman from deepest Australia turning into a man? (6)

14 Island initially formed by a ring? (5)

15 Seriously unfit Italian snatching forty winks (5)

16 Obscure Phoenician character's wager, hard to follow (4)

18 Mountain range rears unexpectedly across narrow isle (6)

20 Fusible tungsten alloy is relatively ancient (6)

21 Endless candy passed round by hypocritical hospital associate (6)

24 Pass ultimately idle April before Easter recess (6)

28 Slav with warlike aim (4)

31 Huge Michigan farm building is damp (5)

32 Capital held irregularly, one often concludes (5)

33 Unique dictaphone local office has installed (6)

34 Target Egypt's emerging demand (6)

35 Mediterranean fish having mostly smooth back (4)

36 Strongly rhythmic music - mine's piercing ear with backing orchestra (6)

37 Army corps in front of yard about to repair rotor (6)

38 Enigmatic letter left with blown roses (6)


1 Works naked, unusually, after beginning to sweat (6)

2 Contended Tory voters must be confused (6)

3 Stop trader running market outlet (5)

4 Wild deer's seen by a stretch of rough water (6, 2 words)

5 Academic ferments arising from original essay about Thailand (6)

6 College upset about everything, it's plain (5)

7 Typically monitor fat around front of the ileac zone (6)

8 Write discursively about new Indycar season (6)

9 Such things as violin music pieces - not piano (4)

11 Means to counter hot sun, enjoying drinks containing energy (6)

16 Summit in Belgium leading to terrible quarrel (4)

17 Her former husband's heading for cargo area (4)

19 Element at length I analysed (6)

21 Comedic words suggesting noble blood, for instance (6)

22 To become obese Emmental sandwiches could accomplish (6)

23 Young overwhelmed by measure of sound intensity in modern campanile (6)

24 Blue coat English lover returned (6)

25 Knight in Shropshire once turned up examples of rural dance music (6)

26 Irate journalist rioted, running amok (6)

27 Dean purloined item of priestly apparel (5)

29 Asks about river hazards generally facing sailors (5)

30 Expression of surprise about extremely hard dairy product (4)