October 2012

Set by Michael Macdonald-Cooper (St Catherine's, 1962). Michael was crossword setter and editor at The Independent and The Independent on Sunday (1990–2005).


This month's winner is Paul Wolff, St Peter's 1962.

October crossword solution

October crossword

Correct interpretation of clues finally reveals the nature of unclued entries.


1. Paralysed knight in bed having swallowed most of pigment (8)

6. Regular solid police officer in front of church (4)

9. One enfranchised clergyman about to accept scripture (5)

10. Old sixpence left by sitter somehow (7)

12. Enlarged old-fashioned round article from Palermo (7)

13. Turn outwards, always heading for Towcester (5)

15. About to receive American device which delivers still? (6)

17. Deficiencies? Changing tenor to soprano in record (7)

18. Royal address with ultimate in passion – precursor to raids? (5)

19. Watchman beginning to sweat after spicy ragu (5)

22. Able to pay with old type of voucher, in tens, somewhat torn (7)

24. Less cluttered part of shoreline at Eraclea (6)

26. In middle of door, book shows feature containing arc (5)

28. Display attendant, one noted for prodigious work (7)

29. A short distance astern (3)

31. Ecclesiastical centre about to engage fifty-five little helpers (ho, ho, ho) (5)

32. Architectural feature seen in radiant afterglow (4)


2. Curious bone found in former capital (4)

3. Club with no piano? That’s extreme (5)

4. Term is otherwise used for marks earned (6)

5. US city in which endless rush inhibits everything (6)

6. About to disrupt mother’s reverie (5)

7. Poison gas present: to stick together is what’s needed (6)

8. Aim to recruit one girl (4)

11. Sound system like this holds note after note (6)

14. Middle of September: no good time to give an undertaking (6)

16. Read article on Monty’s restored Maxi and Mini? (8)

20. Argue about Byzantine naos (6)

21. Chief magistrates upset about a pelagic immortal (6)

23. Line on spring, after old poet from America (6)

25. Leaves containing fifty-one clusters of rust (5)

27. Flow regulator turned up in Kiev lavabo (5)

28. Question mostly leading to answer “cougar” (4)

30. Liechtenstein bridge pair took wings (4)