Each clue contains a misprint of one letter in its definition part. Correct letters spell out a quotation whose author constitutes the unclued entry.

This month's winner is Rufus Aldred (Merton College, 2007).

Crossword Michaelmas 2013


1 Keeping quiet about custom in home of Moses (6)

7 Topic initially broached by runner (6)

12 Type of beet from field in area around Dublin (4,3)

14 Grove in part of old Ireland (4)

15 At length journalist’s written about feature of certain riders (5)

16 Part of bend coming from border travelling westwards (4)

18 Performer confronting dancer mustn’t put off audition after vacation (5,3)

19 Pertaining to rains, as before, actually occurring around north (5)

20 Singer contributing to chore in Hampshire town, mostly (4)

21 Knight, say, with false liege – one’s usually off before oath is taken (8)

23 More slippers? Rely for a change on ultimate in presents (5)

24 Ploy concealed by Porsche mechanics (6)

26 Part of bill in Spain leading son to complain (6)

29 Soldiers in wood backing character in Bude’s history (5)

32 Hirst has a position in English painting (8)

34 Note leaves from single plant yielding better juice (4)

35 One who dials number with a bow (5)

37 Something glowing inside Wedgwood factory? (3,5)

38 Think work retrogressive – some deem otherwise (4)

39 Type of gum chewed by Attorney General (5)

40 Want British fish (4)

41 No longer retail article to plug broken runnel (7)

42 Flying biker writing note about places (6)

43 Vessel sometimes involved in blending with skill a mixture of rye (6)


1 Those diving nowadays see danger signal hoisted in Belgian town (7)

2 Mend truck which goes round North Island (5)

3 Freud unofficially celebrated around Puerto Rico (6)

4 Seaweed sometimes looked remarkable value when docked (4)

5 Perhaps next time, after unloading of more supplies (7)

6 See preamble (7,6)

7 Ryde peasant’s garb found in bale, oddly, beside river (6)

8 Upside-down poster is showing effect produced by riddle (7)

9 Former accountant brought up compound found in cab (6)

10 As the cook might react, misinterpreting my call (6)

11 Managed to get around old folly, perhaps (4)

13 Greek coins, or gold or silver, say, found on fringes of Rhodes (7)

17 Tin in bundles over in science laboratory (4)

22 Record kept by English company shows study of biological farms and environments (7)

25 Part on organ everyone in Maine associated with America (7)

26 Red Sea parts here: time to restrict measure of volume (not large) (7)

27 See yob in Ancona oddly ignoring activator (4)

28 Exerciser of Egyptian mule sadly left empty, with nothing to eat (7)

30 Change order of props, to put up in value (6)

31 Scorn for a number of players prepared to clinch record time (6)

32 Hinge’s first game making Brenda very upset? Somewhat (6)

33 Winter coal from Royal colliery (6)

36 Ambrose, tall denizen of Lebanon, some disgraced aristocrat (5)

37 Hole in net seen from below (4)

38 Eve’s output, bits of recondite arcana (4)