Win a Lakeland Flare Pan saucepan — developed at Oxford to harness energy-saving jet engine technology.

We are giving away two 20cm Flare Pan saucepans kindly donated by Lakeland, the kitchenware retailer.

The Flare Pan began with Oxford University and Dr Thomas Povey from the Department of Engineering Science. Inspired by jet engine technology, the Flare Pan has fins around its circumference, which channel heat from a gas hob up the sides of the pan, resulting in rapid heating of the pan and a 40 per cent saving in energy. Helped by Isis Innovation, the University’s technology commercialization group, Dr Povey developed the Flare Pan and brought it to the marketplace with Lakeland, based at Windermere in the Lake District.

The Competition

This is strictly a draw from a hat, which will take place on 1 December 2014. There are two pans to give away, one to each of two winners. To qualify for the draw, we invite readers to submit, by the end of Friday 28 November, any Oxford-specific recipe they remember from their time at the University. For instance, Magdalen is famous for its boozy cake, Oriel for its summer pudding, and so forth. We ask only that you include your year of matriculation and college on your entry, that all entries are emailed, and that they all be emailed to

  • Update, 19 December 2014: The winners of the flare pan giveaway were Amelia Sharman and Dr Paul Taylor, whose recipes may be enjoyed here.