The Paddy Summerfield caption competition results

The Paddy Summerfield caption competition Many thanks to the 47 readers who entered our caption competition, launched in the printed issue of Oxford Today, Michaelmas Term, 2016, p61.  

The competition closed on Friday December 2. Editor Richard Lofthouse then met Paddy and his partner Patricia to discuss the entries and pick winners. The results were shaped by that discussion, which with Paddy's input had a visual component - and a strong sense of humour.
No fewer than eight entries played with the traditional sailor's measure of drink: eight glasses of beer. Thanks to Douglas Lee (Pembroke, 1971) for, 'Having had one over the eight, he tried to win one over the eight.' There were multiple variations on this theme, but we decided to award two runner-up positions to the most compressed expression of the idea, 'One under the eight'. Books are on their way to David West (Teddy Hall, 1979) and Mike Partridge (St, John's, 1951).Paddy and Patricia Summerfield. Deliberating on winners in North OxfordPaddy and Patricia Summerfield deliberating on winners in North Oxford
The next most prolific idea was Icarus. Thanks to Robert Wollheim (Magdalen, 1972) for 'The Modern Icarus'. Then comes the inevitable crab catching - a chuckle aroused by Henry Hawthorne's 'How to Catch a Crab: two ways.'
There were a couple of excellent literary accents. Thanks to Barbara Barnett for 'Rowers like straws upon the surface flow.....others who would search for pearls must dive below.' As she puts it, "a corruption originating from John Dryden."
There was one tilt at Isis, via Dr Trevor Hussey, (Balliol, 1969), 'Isis strikes again.'
All in all a lot of fun and thanks to everyone for taking part. Please note that the alcohol counterpart prizes to the books will arrive separately, early in 2017. 

The Paddy Summerfield caption competition

The winners in no particular order, except for first (who clinches the Hine cognac!) are:
1st: Geoff Tudor (Christ Church, 1945)
'At Oxford
One Learns
How to get
To the bottom of things'
Five runners up plus a bonus sixth on account of receiving two identical entries that we liked:
John Atkins: 'See! Who said I couldn't leap out of the river feet first?' (Paddy loved the film backwards quality of this one)
Balanced by: Dr Roger Higton (Wadham, 1987), 'And there's me thinking that if you had been to Oxford you could walk on water - amazing how wrong you can be!' (Patricia comments, 'Nice to keep things in perspective when it comes to Oxford')
Michael Bell (Magdalen, 1960) 'Listen lads. You chuck the cox in after you've won.'
Sally Minogue, '...and the expensive delicate ship ... sailed calmly on.' (beautiful Auden!)
David West (Teddy Hall, 1979) 
...and Mike Partridge (St John's, 1951): 'One under the eight.'

Images: Paddy Summerfield, Richard Lofthouse