• March crossword

    Crossword March 2013

    Each across clue contains a superfluous word. Each down clue contains, somewhere, a superfluous letter. These should enable solvers to complete the three unclued entries.

  • February crossword

    Crossword February 2013

    The two unclued answers are linked by a connection appearing in the completed grid.

  •  Music Composition Competition

    Music Composition Competition, 2012–13 Results

    The judges would like to thank everyone who submitted entries for the inaugural edition of what has already become a heavily contested competition. Listen to the winning entry, 'Warm are the still and lucky miles' by Roger Teichmann.
  • Bridge


    A defensive technique

    Alex Hydes, a former England Junior international, demonstrated a neat defensive technique on this deal.

  • December crossword

    Crossword December 2012

    Misprints in clues are identified beside brief explanations of each clue.

  • November crossword

    Crossword November 2012

    One of the clues contains two superfluous words. All the other clues each contain one superfluous word. The initial letters of these words, in the order they occur, reveal a quotation whose author appears in the completed grid.

  • October crossword

    Crossword October 2012

    Correct interpretation of clues finally reveals the nature of unclued entries.