Oxford Today was first published in 1988. In 2001 a website was created to provide an online repository of the content of key articles. The site continued in this fashion with a steady-stream of visitors – most of whom were led by a match from a search engine to a related article. In October 2010, the magazine was relaunched following the results of a readership survey, and longer versions of its content began to appear online.


In September 2012, the website itself was relaunched with a dedicated Digital Editor to curate its content. The site now has a life of its own, providing exclusive web-only content which aspires to the same exacting editorial standards as the print magazine. With a broad range of features, opinion, interviews, videos and galleries, the site is constantly updated throughout the week, to bring readers content in a timely fashion.


Based on feedback, we're hoping to build the website into a real community. We look forward to providing readers with the chance to comment on articles, talk to us via social media, and even write articles that could appear on the site. The future of this website is you, the reader.