Author Jane Bailey Bain
Publisher O-Books
ISBN 9781780990385
RRP £12.99

Are you a clever girl, a wicked witch or a wild woman, or a bit of all three? A wise man, a hero, or a trickster?

Whether acknowledged or not, we all carry around a narrative about who we are that is fragmentary, deep and often composite. Seeing it more clearly can lead to insights, and maybe even behavioural change. Occasionally it might be ‘life-changing’ although what that means to different people is an open question.

In the early words of author Jane Bailey Bain (Queen’s, 1979), “Life choices are determined by a combination of external events and personal characteristics, but the way you decide to act depends upon your script.”

By examining some of the deepest archetypal myths and stories prevalent in different cultures through the ages, Bain’s delightfully written guide morphs into a quizzy element which explains the glib cover, and perhaps why the book is categorised under ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ – a marketing exercise by the publisher. But consigning it to the self-help heap is a disservice to such a revealing and profoundly intelligent guide. This is a very original contribution but also a very good read - a rare combination.