• Planting Paradise 2

    Planting Paradise

    Harris is Druce Curator of the Oxford University Herbaria, and he has a special interest in the evolutionary consequences of human-mediated plant movement.
  • Lives like

    Lives Like Loaded Guns

    Lyndall Gordon specialises in the exploration of women's lives. Her new book deals with a group of individuals whose lives were like “loaded guns”.
  • Alice in Waterland

    Alice in Waterland

    Oxford historian Mark Davies' retelling of this famous story is rich in anecdotal and period detail, from Prince Leopold's black eye to Carroll's description of his stories as “interminable”.
  • Wytham Woods

    Wytham Woods: Oxford's Ecological Laboratory

    Wytham Woods: Oxford's Ecological Laboratory charts the emergence of the discipline of ecology, and how important the painstaking work of hundreds of scientists in Wytham Woods has been in this.
  • First Russia, then Tibet

    First Russia, then Tibet

    Byron felt that the onset of modernity was challenging the political and social fabric of the world and set out to visit the two most contradictory societies on earth.