Alumnus Theo Silkstone Carter (Materials Science, 2011) has made an aerial video using drone footage, which begins at Queens Lane before sweeping across the Oxford city skyline.

St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, from the air

Theo graduated from St Edmund Hall last summer and is now studying for an MSc in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design at the University of Southampton. He returned to Oxford at Easter, to film during the holiday period.

Music for the video is kindly provided by current St Edmund Hall undergraduate Rachel Carver (2015, History), playing La Source by Alphonse Hasselmans on the harp. 

Find out more about Theo’s aerial photography work on his website.

All images © Silkstone Photography


By julia bray

Glorious playing.

I'd love to see all of Oxford by drone.

By Dr. Darryl Herr...

The movie using airdrome was great with very good clarity and wonderful overview of school campus.
D. Herrington
U. O. 2015

By Robin Scott

Exquisite, thank you - will be sharing with other Teddy Hall alumni!

By Colin Grant

Very good at the flying but lacking any great sense of how to make a film!

By Fiona Herron

Please do see if you can obtain permission to film some other colleges (Pembroke!) in this way, it really adds a new perspective. The harp playing was beautiful as well, an inspired choice of soundtrack! Thank you.

By Michael Saunders

A wonderful production both sound and vision. What a wonderful opportunity for 'slow' television!

By Anne Smith

May I suggest LMH? The gardens would be especially photogenic, I think.