Wytham Woods is one of the most studied piece of woodland on Earth. From birds to badgers, grasses to trees; almost every aspect of this beautiful bastion of English countryside has gone under the microscope, contributing to decades of cutting-edge scientific research at the University of Oxford. Wytham is truly the laboratory with leaves.

Part 4: Art

Our final Wytham video follows its resident artists as they represent the wood in sketches and print.

Wytham Woods hosts Oxford University's leading scientists, with hundreds of researchers studying every leaf, insect and animal. Now it also boasts researchers of a different kind - two visual artists whose study of the forest environment doesn't result in scientific papers, but sketches and prints. The final video in this four-part series follows Robin and Rosie as they seek to represent the wood in their art, and let the science that goes on there inform their own unique and creative visual study of Wytham.

The Laboratory with Leaves is a 4-part video series.