Wytham Woods is one of the most studied piece of woodland on Earth. From birds to badgers, grasses to trees; almost every aspect of this beautiful bastion of English countryside has gone under the microscope, contributing to decades of cutting-edge scientific research at the University of Oxford. Wytham is truly the laboratory with leaves.

Part 3: The forest

The third film in our series.

A look at Wytham Woods' long history as a venue for ecology research: and how the woods, despite their timeless appearance, are a place of constant change.

Decades of careful study of leaves, roots and branches make Wytham Woods arguably the home of ecology. But it's not just what's in the wood, but the wood itself, that today's ecologists strive to comprehend, as research into the shape, breathing, and shifting of the organisms of the ecosystem that is Wytham helps scientists the world over to understand the importance of forests in an age of rapidly changing climates.